Save JFS Furniture in Peckham

10 June 2015

Southwark Greens want the Change of Use application by Foxtons estate agents (ref. 15/AP/0123) to be rejected. Currently, a furniture and homewares shop – JFS Exclusive Furniture - operates at the site. It is one of the few new businesses to open in Peckham town centre that is neither a pound shop nor a hipster café. We believe that Foxton’s Change of Use application is very likely to force JFS to close, and that this would have significant negative effects on the economic and social resilience of Peckham.

Don't increase car parking in new housing and office developments

03 June 2015

Southwark Greens object strongly to Boris Johnson’s proposal to allow more car parking in new housing and office developments. Increasing car parking in our crowded capital will damage our health, environment and economy.

Record Green Vote

21 May 2015

We achieved record Green vote shares in all three constituencies!

Southwark Green Party announce new candidate for Chaucer ward

17 April 2015

Southwark Green Party is very pleased to announce today that Gareth Rees is standing for councilor in Chaucer Ward.

Public Ownership of Our Railways

28 December 2014

The Green Party believe in the Public Ownership of our Railways Help get the message out by handing out flyers with us in the New Year

SGP Talk Mon 24 November

20 November 2014

SGP Talk 27th October

06 October 2014

Monday 27th October at 7.30pm, is Donnachadh McCarthy, co-founder of Stop Killing Cyclists. We will be meeting the snug/back room at Grand Union Pub, Camberwell Grove, Camberwell, SE5 8RE.

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